"I would happily recommend LR&M Constructions as they are one of the better contractors" 

"Delivers on time. Looks out for our interests. Responsible staff and an ability to solve problems for their customers." 

"Ability to work with their customers and not be overly contractural" Jamie McClurg, Commercial & General

"Solid reputation and ethic" Jeremy Clapp, FMG Engineering

"LR&M have taken on board LL Developments systems and to their credit, LR&M project team have set the standard for other companies to follow." Andy White, LL Developments 

"Very good operators who are very well organized with field operations & administration of the scope of works." Peter Palowski, LL Developments 

"Engineers are experienced and have a high level of competency." Angelo Martucci, LL Engineering

"Professional and safe operators very receptive to new ideas and innovation. They also have an excellent existing skill set in civil construction, backed up by a very good leadership team." Ross Eccelstone, LL Engineering  

"Getting the job done with minimum fuss." Annonymous