LR&M Constructions expertise in delivering infrastructure for land development projects is unrivalled in South Australia. For more than 20 years, property developers have sought out LR&M Constructions to deliver the civil construction elements that are critical in the opening up of new land for new houses, industrial estates, commercial precincts and new parkland and open space. Over those 20 years we have delivered in excess of 10,000 allotments for our customers. We have specific skills in the construction of:

  • Earthworks - both on site and import or disposal of fill material
  • New services including water, sewer, power and telecommunications
  • New roads including asphalt and concrete surfaces
  • Bridges and culverts
  • Stormwater management treatments e.g. overland flow paths, wetlands, detention basins and lakes

LR&M Constructions has long standing successful relationships with relevant authorities and businesses such as The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, SA Water, South Australian Power Networks, NBNCo, Opticomm and all local councils in the greater Adelaide region. LR&M Constructions has worked for some of Australia's most prominent property developers including:

  • Lendlease
  • Devine
  • Walker Corporation
  • Commercial & General
  • Hickinbotham Homes
  • Renewal SA
  • Lanser Communities